This letter is to recommend Mr. Robert L. Levi, Attorney-at-Law.

A couple of years ago I found myself in a difficult employment-related situation, and
needed legal advice. Knowing how important it was to have someone very competent, responsive, and personable, I started doing my homework. I esearched the Internet, called and talked with tens of law firms and attorneys, read hundreds of reviews, and asked my network of friends and colleagues for referrals. At the end of this thorough search, I selected Mr. Robert L. Levi. During the approximately 18 months of collaboration that followed, I never regretted my choice.

In my opinion, Robert has the experience (over 30 years of work in the legal field), legal knowledge, and skills to help you with your case related to employment, labor relations, civil rights, or employee benefits. He also provides the personal attention to set your mind at ease and relieve (at the extent possible), the emotional, intellectual, and financial stress of legal work placed on your personal and professional life.

Deciding to sue someone is a scary thing. Mr. Levi helped me determine if taking legal action was appropriate for me; evaluated (and re-evaluated) the possible length and implications of the case; was very fair in the payment arrangement up front (no “surprises”); kept me informed right away of new developments; consulted with me on a regular basis; and answered my questions fully, every time I asked. He was realistic, truthful, diligent and ethical throughout the process.

During our collaboration on my case, he would send me regular updates, along with legal briefs of similar cases and respective rulings – in the eventuality I was interested to read (which I was, because it gave me context for my situation). When it was time to settle, we worked closely together to develop a strategy and accurately assess the compensation to which I was entitled.

Mr. Levi was compassionate, highly responsive, courteous, and kept his cool during some stressful interactions – all while subjecting our opponents to the full force his legal prowess.

What I liked the most about our collaboration, however, is that he treated me and my husband like family. Robert worked with me directly, rather than assigning parts of my case to less experienced or prepared collaborators. This assured stability and constant expertise for my case, in addition to giving me peace of mind that my legal misfortunes are in very good hands.

But since success is defined by outcomes, I am happy to state that optimal results were achieved in my situation, proving Robert Levi is accountable, as well.

For all these, I highly recommend Mr. Robert L. Levi.

Dr. Gabriela Gui


I am writing on this auspicious day  to commend you in your practice of law.

You exhibit the highest standards of ethics, competence, and concern for my welfare as your client.

May G-d grant you long life, wealth, and honor in the midst of your brothers Israel.


Robert Levi took my case when other attorneys said I didn’t have one. Thorough, analytical, and deeply committed, Robert maintained excellent communication throughout the case and exhibited a thorough understanding of the law and skillful anticipation of the defendant’s arguments. Thanks to his advocacy, my employer ultimately settled with me. I recommended him to my friend and would recommend him to anyone needing a true advocate.


In July 2014 I found myself in the unusual situation of needing an employment lawyer. Mr. Robert Levi came highly recommended. Although it was a difficult time in my life, Mr. Levi gave me support and kept me informed throughout the entire process. I found Mr. Levi to be an exceptional attorney who is very familiar with employment law. He is impressively hard working and demonstrated tremendous expertise regarding the issues involved in my case. He exhibited great skill and knowledge with a friendly approach. He is of high integrity. His attention to detail and his prompt responses to my questions made the situation easier to handle. He was always available to me by email or by phone. Mr. Levi expertly represented me against one of the “big” firms with class and grace. He knows when it’s in your best interest to negotiate a resolution or litigate your case in court. I was extremely pleased with the outcome of my case. I strongly encourage anyone to use Mr. Robert Levi for all of your legal needs.

Dr. Jenkins-Williams



I have hired Mr. Robert L. Levi to represent me in 2 cases. And in both cases, Mr. Levi not only won, but showed me his professionalism and dedication to ensure that the law was served and that I obtained what I deserved (by winning, of course.)

My advice to anyone who is looking for the right service and full attention is that there is no one that I know besides Mr. Robert Levi.

Adam Fayli


My attorney Robert Levi, was extremely helpful and knowledgeable when he first reviewed and agreed to take my traffic/criminal appeals a few years back. In addition, I was also the severe victim of identity theft so the attorney really had to research the case to see what options were available to me, since my original case had been decided many years back.

After a few months of exhaustive research and investigation on the part of my attorney, he relentlessly worked on a defense for my case and shared all of the discovery and information with me. Even though the attorney was also busy with other cases and it seemed like it took a long time to receive my day-in-court, eventually I did.

I was not sure what the outcome of my case was going to be, but even with the multitude of issues in my case, Mr. Levi effectively argued all ethical and applicable rules and laws in court, as well as a couple of unique strategies, and in the end the judge did decide in my favor which allowed me to move on with my life and receive justice and relief after many years of hardship. I would definitely recommend Attorney Robert Levi and I personally would love to work with him if ever possible, once I complete paralegal and or law school.


I have a case against a municipality which began in 2001. As a result of a mediation hearing an agreement was made in 2004. The agreement called for the case to be settled in the fall of 2005. Unfortunately, the case was not settled and has dragged on for several years. In the winter of 2008, I was introduced to Mr. Levi. Since our initial meeting the case has moved on dramatically.


He has represented me in a class action and as an individual. We call him the SHARK. Don’t let his looks fool you. He does his homework.


Robert is par excellence. Hope I never need a lawyer again, but if I do I would go right to Robert.


Mr. Levi helped me understand and proceed with some difficult issues I inherited related to becoming a conservator. I would not have beeen able to successfully navigate through the legal system, or had the stamina to endure the emotional ups and downs I encourtered in the process without the support, guidance, and skills that Mr. Levi provided. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of legal advice and/or services.