Since 1990, I have represented both active employees and retirees regarding retirement benefits,medical benefits, and other employee welfare benefits.

In 1992, I obtained a judgment of $2.6 million for policemen and firemen in Highland Park, Michigan. The city had changed their pension plan and, in the process, deprived them of accrued benefits. Since then, I have represented many other public employees and retirees regarding benefits issues in disputes over denials of benefits and failure to properly fund plans.

I am learned in the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), the law applicable to benefits for employees of private companies. I can represent you whether you are a participant in a single-employer plan or a multi-employer plan.

My ability to absorb detailed facts and perform exacting legal research, combined with my grasp of the actuarial concepts implicit in pension calculations, serve my clients well.

Issues regarding retirement benefits and other employee benefits can be very complex. Please allow me to review your plan documents to determine whether you actually deserve the benefits the plan administrator has denied to you.