For thirty years, as an attorney I have protected the rights of employees.

But I was not always an attorney. Before I practiced law, I worked in the forestry field. I cut timber, worked in sawmills, and planted trees. I know what it is to work hard physically and mentally. And I know about injustice in the work place.

When you sue an employer or past employer for violating your rights, the employer will usually hire a large law firm to defend the suit. You need an attorney who can out think and out work the large firms.

I have successfully litigated against some of the largest law firms in Michigan. I have a mind for facts and law. I can retain mass amounts of factual detail and recall the facts with astounding accuracy. I fastidiously pursue legal research until I find the most compelling legal authorities to support my client’s position. Judges find my ability to craft arguments to be “creative”.

I can successfully represent you regarding discrimination claims, harassment claims, breach of contract claims, whistleblower claims, civil rights claims, Family and Medical Leave Act claims, Fair Labor Standards Act claims, and other employment claims.

I have successfully represented many educators.